Deep Roots: Pt1

The first episode of Deep Roots, hosted by Michael Popa

A chat with Noelle Cockett about life lessons learned leading up to her position as President of Utah State University. We talk about her childhood, h...View Details

How do you engage in curiosity and connect with others when there are always pressing matters in your inbox? Lord Dr. Michael Hastings talks with Sier...View Details

In the whirlwind of life, it is easy to get caught up in our fast-paced life. Professor Craig and Sierra talk about practices for centering on the pri...View Details

The lads return, facing against both BuzzFeed and J.K. Rowling at the same time! Will they discover their spirit animals, or will they succumb to the ...View Details

On this episode, the lads join Jill and Stewart of the band "Featherbed" for a truly legendary interview!    Link to Featherbed: https://open.spotify....View Details

How do you understand those around you better? Start by listening. Clair talks with Sierra about the importance of active listening, and how giving ad...View Details

How do you create solid mentorships? What can you learn from your past experiences? Joe Ward, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, m...View Details

Welcome to The SportsPaige: Female Forward! In this new podcast series, I am proud to report on stories of women and girls in sports. This first episo...View Details

The Den has a new addition to it's collection: A TIME MACHINE! The lads embark on their greatest adventure yet; From dinosaurs to founding fathers, an...View Details

a interview with a dickinson specialist ! 

How do we find peace when feeling not good enough? Perfectionism and shame are mind battles that we face every day. Carlee comes onto The Moxie Mindse...View Details

Welcome to the Lyons Den! Easton and John, one Lyon and the other Lyons, discuss survival in all of it's forms in this first episode. Join as they dis...View Details

Ramen, budgeting, and funny roommate stories. What do all of these have in common? They all relate to us: college students. It's not easy being a coll...View Details

Mitch and Trevor discuss political issues that Trevor Is passionate about!

Beyond the Archive Ep2

The Tunnels of Logan. Please look at the USU Archives for more information on this topic and learn about many other topics. We look forward to finding...View Details

Funny Roomate Stories

Ramen, budgeting, and funny roommate stories. What do all of these have in common? They all relate to us: college students. It's not easy being a coll...View Details

Logan Mano joins us to discuss his existence. Is it called the GOAT episode because of MJ or because of LeBron?


Noah Giles jumps on to pronounce 'G' wrong and to tell us more about Lindon vs Pleasant Grove.

Mckenzie Clark makes her podcast premiere and comes asking ME questions, then we jump into music talk, and then get a SAUCY hot take.

Jonah joins the podcast for a quick Q and A, then Brevin, Alex and I discuss NBA trades.

Ramen, budgeting, and funny roommate stories. What do all of these have in common? They all relate to us: college students. It's not easy being a coll...View Details

A humorous rendition of The Monkey's Paw, this being the first part.

How do we make everyone in a conflict situation satisfied? By focusing on needs of others instead of opposing positions. Dr. Merideth Thompson joins S...View Details

The first season of the Explorer of Realities concludes! How will he survive the perils of the alternate realties, and will he survive with his mind i...View Details

Cy Robinson FINALLY joins the show and we talk all about Blackfoot Idaho, what defines a horror and a thriller, Star Wars hot takes, then we roast In ...View Details

Alexis Needleman and I talk about Disneyland, Utah State Involvement, the ethics of One Direction vs Shawn Mendes, which shows we are excited about, a...View Details

We talk about Eric Price’s career in news, how he got to wintry Utah, an Astrology follow up, and his shade for T-Swift.

The Russian truth seeker herself, Lesya Feinstein! We talk about “the media,” and sourcing your info, cheerleading, and whether or not you are allowed...View Details

Dr. Romney talks with Sierra about giving purpose to our positions by leading, learning, and finding meaning in organizational life. Alexander C. Romn...View Details

The Bullhorn Nov 23, 2020

More coverage on what is happening in Cache Valley now!

Abi Roberts and I talk about being granola and surviving in the wild, deep dive on office characters, and trash a boy toy star singer.

Julia Izu and I talk about the perfect weather, growing up in California, if dance is a sport or not, and then dive into whether the guy should ask th...View Details

Uncanny Valleys Ep 4

I'm the first Explorer of Realities and I can't stop screaming.

DROWNIN IN NBA! Alex Kinnear and Brevin Zollinger join the podcast and play “Who Says No?”, then talk the top 3 NBA Draft guys, and give bold predicti...View Details

The Bullhorn Nov 16, 2020

Lots of information about COVID-19, but with some fun stuff at the end.

Uncanny Valleys Ep 3

I'm a new Explorer of Realities and I promise you that none of this was my fault.

I talked with Professor Michael Lyons about some election reactions, how to look at the current landscape, and politics moving forward.

Dr. Madsen drops into the studio to talk about the role women play in leadership -- from bias to female confidence, and how to raise our girls in a wa...View Details

Josh Davis joins the show to talk about “bored” games, Marvel and Star Wars stuff, and liberating cream cheese.

Things get weird with my little brother.

The Bullhorn Nov 2, 2020

Introducing Brig Haines as Co-Host to The Bullhorn. Keep up with weekly news updates in Cache Valley.

Beyond the Archive Ep 1

Join Aggie Radio as we tell the stories of Cache Valley Folklore from the USU Archives.

The Bullhorn Oct 26, 2020

Local news to Cache Valley.

Ethan Horsely and I dive into the BYU vs USU nonsense, Provo dating culture, and talk about reading the room.

Zoe Erickson tells me about Maine, makes fun of me, establishes a new way to watch TV, then drops the falsest take I’ve ever heard.

Weird Beard Ep 3

Three friends, at least one beard, and a whole lot of laughs.

The Bullhorn Oct19, 2020

Check out this week's news overview on The Bullhorn!

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