IF YOU DO NOT WANT to hear about USUSA Skip to 36:00!

This week we spend the first half hour or so diving head first into the USUSA Officer Election process. We are Bias, we acknowledge that. Deal with it. So much to say, some surprises with Primary announcements today, let us know what we screwed up.

THIS EPISODE INCLUDES POSITIONS ON CANDIDATES. Those opinions are not those of Aggie Radio, USU Student Media or USUSA.

 All Opinions are of the Individuals themselves.

EDIT: Grant has Publicly apologized for his innapropriate comments on the Business Senator race, and believes all candidates are qualified on merit.

The Second part of the Episode we talk about the State Leg. Gun rights, money being thrown around, and some of the GOP politics of the week. Give it a listen




Choose the Right (or Left!) Hosted by @zgrantbess and @SamNJackson. DM us if you have ideas for the pod!

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