Welcome back to The Backup CD! We're a group of students who have lots of different interests and wanted to share our conversations with you! Every week your hosts: Clint Bisbee, Carter Harrison, and Dillan Passmore come together to discuss a random topic!

This week we talk about the epic film franchise: Star Wars! We are all very eager for the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and had a blast talking about this awesome film series. We talk about everything from our favorites, to cannon, and enduring conflicts among fans! We hope you enjoy!

We will be taking a two week break for the holiday season! We are very grateful to our awesome listeners and can't wait to be back in your ears Wednesday January 8, 2020! If you have any suggestions for topics for us to discuss please reach out to us on twitter @backup_cd we would love to hear from you! Have a great and merry Christmas!

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Twitter: @backup_cd

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